Star Wars 2 pack LED light-sensing night lights -Mandalorian-Yoda-Warrior Light


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Star Wars 2 pack LED light-sensing night lights -Mandalorian-Yoda-Warrior Light | CacaceNY.comStar Wars 2 Pack of night lights in the likeness of Mandalorian and his adorable adventuring companion The Child, affectionately known as “Baby Yoda” ¬ — is perfect for fans throughout the galaxy. Features awesome artwork of the Mandalorian and his child with acrylic coating that provides softWelcome to a galaxy far, far away! Star Wars fans will love these light-sensing night lights featuring official character art of the Mandalorian and his adorable companion The Child. These lights are perfect for guiding your way at night and adding a touch of adventure to any room. The internal sensors automatically turn the lights ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, while the long-life LEDs are cool to the touch and consume less energy. With their sleek design, these night lights only take up a single outlet each, leaving plenty of room for other electronics. Illuminate your home throughout the night with these Star Wars: The Mandalorian LED night lights!